How to Build Value for your Brand: Be A Friend, Not a Marketer

Is your marketing condescending?

Are your flashy ads bragging about how great you are and all of your notable accomplishments?

The truth is: no one cares and you’re doing it wrong.

The reaction you elicit, is nothing less than: “Get out of my face.”

At first, at least…

You’ve managed to reach someone semi-interested, yet you’re pushing them away…

This person just might be interested in a second date, but you’re not communicating what’s in it for THEM.

How is dating you, doing business with you, or even just their knowing you making an impact in their lives?

The conversation is one-sided. After all, you’d be more inclined to call it at night if you went on a date and the person sitting across from you is showing more interest in themselves than in your needs and interests.

Am I right?

Perhaps it’s not certain whether you’d politely excuse yourself, or maybe just get up and leave the place without saying a word, but what you CAN be certain of is that this person will NOT be hearing from you again.

Is your marketing turning your business into that type of creep who doesn’t have a chance at a second date?

Are you creating the perfect environment to ruin any possibility of earning this prospect’s business?

— The keyword here is EARN. —

What value are you providing? Is it enough to take things from ‘date’ to ‘relationship’? From ‘relationship’ to ‘marriage’?

How are you making your customer’s life easier up-front and without expecting any thing in return?

Instead, slow things down–draw out the customer’s need and identify their pain points.

Then provide value by helping them solve their problem or connecting them to a solution– even if that solution means sending their business elsewhere.

Be honest with them and with yourself. Are you secure enough to do that?

Your customers will thank you. You’ll earn their respect and establish such great rapport that you become irreplaceable; you become a friend.

You’ll be trusted– and trusted, in time, means ‘paid’.

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