How Do I Know If Facebook Marketing is Right For My Restaurant?

STAT: As of the second quarter of 2019, Facebook has 2.41 BILLION monthly active users. (

There’s no question that Facebook is massive as it continues its reign as the largest social network in existence. For users, it’s addicting without a doubt. Scrolling through your timeline merges your numerous interests so it’s easy to get caught up in news, updates from your friends, group threads, and hilarious puppy videos!

But as a restaurant owner, should your business be there too?

Facebook is definitely not a one-size-fits-all system. So here are some very critical things to consider before dedicating precious time and energy to writing up posts and paying Mark Zuckerberg for ad space:

1. Are Your Customers on Facebook?

Consider the people who patronize your restaurant and spend their hard-earned money to enjoy your delicious food– these people are known as your ‘Target Market’. How nice would it be to get many more just like them?

(…It’s possible with solid branding and effective marketing and advertising!)

Ask yourself: Do these people hang out on Facebook in large numbers?

If so, perhaps you should have a presence there too!

Even if you are not actively posting on a regular basis, at the very least, make sure that you have claimed your restaurant page on Facebook and that it is optimized with updated contact information, a menu, cover and profile photos, and an authentic brand message so that when people do look for you on the platform, you can easily be found.

2. What Are Your Advertising & Marketing Goals?

Are you a new business? Perhaps Brand Awareness is something you want to think about. The truth is, even established businesses need creative marketing campaigns to keep them top-of-mind in the minds of their customers. So don’t skimp here.

Are you looking to build your database of customers, get event and party bookings, sell tickets or gift cards, or introduce a new dish that you know can go viral? Facebook Ads has many objectives that can help you achieve any of the above.

By the way, if you’re not actively building a database, you’re severely handicapping your success!

Gathering customers’ email address, phone number, and Facebook Messenger Subscription ID opens up several ways to have conversations with your valued patrons to keep your business top-of-mind (i.e. Brand Awareness), share news and updates, and run special promotions to drive traffic to your restaurant.

The work doesn’t end once you’ve collected their information; now you need to DO SOMETHING with it! We’ll tell you exactly what to do in a future post. Stay tuned!

3. Do You Want to Make Sure Your Advertising Dollars Are Spent Appropriately?

Though Facebook’s Ads Manager can be quite overwhelming for the beginner, it allows the advertiser to control and manage nearly every element involved in the ad– from audience targeting by area, interests and certain demographics to the objective of the ad (like Engagement, Lead Generation, Website Traffic, etc.) to the ad creative and ad copy.

This opens up countless possibilities for you to identify what your market finds attractive while executing a strategy to not only make your brand known, but put butts in your restaurant’s seats!

4. Is Your Business Ready to Advertise on the Back-End?

Do you already have processes, systems and communication chains in place that will make accommodating and serving new customers easy?

If a potential fan messages your restaurant’s Facebook page directly or a not-so-happy customer posts a bad review, do you have a point person who can respond in a timely manner?

Remember, your brand isn’t just want happens when customers are in the restaurant; its also what happens online, in print, and in the community. Be sure that you have everything you need to create and maintain an excellent experience for your customer at every touch point.

Though Facebook is a massive platform, it isn’t beneficial for all businesses. Before spending time and energy utilizing this platform, ask yourself these four questions to determine whether it’s right for you!


Do you think Facebook is right for your Restaurant, Bar, or Food Truck?


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